The RTAP Story, Continues…

With RTAP, our goal was to create a simple, easy to use platform that will allow users to manage data, analyze it and visualize it in a way that makes sense. We knew that if we can pull the pieces together, it will give the power of analytic discovery to so many people within an organization.

But while doing that we wanted to make sure that we build and offer our product in an optimally engineered and usable way.

Let me explain what we mean by that..

Offer the Right Amount:

It is very important to make sure that what you offer to your customers is the right amount. Because that often determines their ability to buy or consume it. I will cover this topic through introspection of what we offer as an analytics platform versus what is typically available from other vendors of similar solutions. We have always believed in offering a RTAP instance that is sufficiently capable of solving an use case. Basically it comes with the right amount of “smart” technology and “power” to do a particular thing very well. Yes, it fails to do any other thing or solve any other analytics problem. But at least our customers are guaranteed that it is doing what it is mean to do or bought for. Every day we see and explore other analytics platforms and feel that they are often over engineered and sorely miss the intelligence to solve any particular analytics problem. So you are offered a bunch of tools and pretty much asked to figure out how to use them effectively to solve your problems. What this means is you are not only getting more than you need but you are definitely paying more for it. By offering the right amount in every product category you sell, you have an opportunity to capture market share in every segment and have many more satisfied customers.

There are many example of this in the world we live in, take different sizes of tooth paste for example or for that instances different models of cars. The list goes on and I am sure if you think about it you can see many good example for companies who have done an excellent job in this area.

We work with a number of companies on this topic and have developed unique algorithms that help you size the product which you want to sell. So once again the key word here is to offer the right amount. The corollary is also true, regardless of what you buy, buy the right amount.

I will share more stories as we go along.

Until then, let us do the right things

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