The RTAP Story, one more thing…

With RTAP, our goal was to create a simple, easy to use platform that will allow users to manage data, analyze it and visualize it in a way that makes sense. We knew that if we can pull the pieces together, it will give the power of analytic discovery to so many people within an organization.

But while doing that we wanted to make the adoption process easy. This is very important and as software makers we owe it to our customers.

What more can you do to make it easy:

I often see software applications that need additional things for it to work. Starting with things like proprietary programming languages, operating systems, specialized hardware and a myriad of add-ons. Think about it, as software engineers we are in the business of making things easier for our users and somewhere down the line we seem to have forgotten that and have gone about designing products in a way where there is the least amount of care for our users. But fortunately, all is not lost and software makers are slowly responding to the calls from users who want it to be simple and easy. In my opinion the harbinger to this revolution was none other than Apple. From the very beginning they did their best to make their products easy to use and adopt, and the most recent example is their best-selling product, the iPhone (and its variants iPad, iPod etc.). If you think of it from an engineering perspective, it is clearly one of the most sophisticated products ever designed by man so far, but yet in its form factor and ease of use it still remains unbeatable. But there is something else which Apple started doing many years ago which fortunately most personal computer manufacturers have recently followed suit. It is the start-up process. Apple was the first company to make it so easy that all you had to do was push the start button and more or less with little assistance their devices would be fully operational in minutes. They were the first to make going easy, the new cool thing!

I am sure we all remember the days when we were setting up computers, routers or for that matter any electronic device and struggling so hard to make it work that invariable we had to make a call to the manufacturer’s help desk or customer service center. Thanks to companies like Apple, we do not have to do that anymore, since they have forced every other manufacturer to follow suit. They have raised the bar and now consumers are simply not willing to accept products which are hard to install.

With RTAP, we have tried to remember these things and designed a product which does not require any proprietary hardware or software to work. We use a responsive design methodology, so you can use it off any device like a phone or tablet etc. and the user interface automatically adapts to the size. It is available on the cloud as a service, so you are really not bothered with the installation, upgrades, infrastructure requirements and maintenance issues. Not only that, it comes pre-loaded with the intelligence to solve industry specific use cases, so all you have to do to get insights is really to put in your data and you have it all done from that point onwards.

We are sure in future people will build more intelligent systems using technology similar to RTAP, but hopefully all us will remember to make it simple and easy for our customers to use these things.

Let’s keep it simple.

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