The RTAP Story, The Beginning…

With RTAP, our goal was to create a simple, easy to use platform that will allow users to manage data, analyze it and visualize it in a way that makes sense. We knew that if we can pull the pieces together, it will give the power of analytic discovery to so many people within an organization.

Here are some examples of what actually our customers were able to do with RTAP:

Be Precise in meeting market needs:

When we started analyzing data for one of our customers in the telecommunications business using RTAP, we realized that different customers were looking for different types of service and corresponding price threshold levels. Not only that an analysis of external data of visitors entering United States let us discover a specific demand area which was not addressed before. Based on these facts our customer could create specific talk-time packages as well as a unique time-bound package for visitors. So just by analyzing data, our customer could not only be precise in terms of what to server to whom, but went on to discover a new market. Now they are able to constantly tailor their product offerings based on changing market data. Being precise not only helps you gain market share but also stops wastages or what is typically called “over bundling”.

Better Way to do things:

People often discard things which are literally staring them in the face. Thereby missing the opportunity. So we always tell customers that regardless of the time and effort involved, the first thing to do is always to get in all the data which is relevant into RTAP and them build descriptive analytics dashboard on it. Simply putting the facts out in a clear and meaningful way can by itself make a positive difference and allow people at all levels to make the right decisions. We have many examples of customer success stories in this area, but one that immediately comes to mind is the work we are doing with one of world’s top University and Research Institution on bio-conductor data analytics. Basically we are analyzing unstructured genetic data to find disease pathways. Kind of like finding out what specific genetic makeup is an early stage indication of a particular disease. RTAP for Life as this platform is code named someday in the near future hopes to revolutionize disease tracking as well as treatment methodologies by organizing life science data to promote preventative medicine. Sounds very complex right! We felt the same way when we got started but believe me when I tell you, that all it really took was organizing the data in a manner where one could make sense out of it. So the importance of looking at what you have in different angles and lights should never be dismissed. You are bound to see things which you never saw before and that is all it takes to find a better way to do things.

I have more customer stories, but hopefully I will cover those next time.

Until then, let’s all keep looking!

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